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    Patient Letters

    October, 2009

    Dr. Motykie:
    Thank you for the incredible new body you gave me. You are a true Liposuction artist. My new thighs and tummy are definitely going to be shown off at the beach this year. I can’t believe how smooth and easy the surgery and recovery process was for me. All of my girlfriends are jealous of me now!! Thanks a million.
    – 35 year-old female

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    Dr. Motykie:
    I wanted to write and tell you that I think you are a true genius and artist. I am tickled pink with my face. Thanks for making the whole experience so wonderful. People still can’t figure out exactly what I have done that makes me look so much younger. Thank you for everything.
    – 44 year-old female

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    Dr. Motykie:
    I just wanted you to know how happy I am with my new tummy! I have already been singing your praises all over town. I felt like I was in the most capable and caring hands during the whole surgery and recovery process and my abdomen looks better than it did before I had children!
    – 34 year-old female

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    Dr. Motykie:
    I had heard so many stories about Breast Augmentation surgery that I didn’t know what to believe. Thank you for answering my endless questions and making me feel excited about my surgery. You were so reassuring and wonderful. Now my breasts are amazing and beautiful. You are truly talented and a gift to the plastic surgery world.
    – 22 year-old female

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    Dr. Motykie:
    Thank you for everything!!! You are my angel. My breasts were destroyed by two previous plastic surgeons, and just when I thought all hope was lost, you were able to fix my breasts and make them beautiful again. You changed my life and made me feel like a woman again. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! God bless you and every patient that is lucky enough to have you as their surgeon.
    – 33 year-old female

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    Dr. Motykie:
    I had been hoping to have Breast Augmentation Surgery for years, but I had no idea how to go about it. A girlfriend of mine told me about you and I still thank her every day. Her breasts were so perfect and natural looking and now so are mine! Thank you so much for taking the time to answer all of my questions and for helping make me understand how the surgery works and what all of my options were. Thank you for the breast of my dreams. I love them.
    – 25 year-old female

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    Dr. Motykie,
    It is with my deepest heartfelt thanks that I am writing you this letter. You are an incredible doctor with a very big heart. I am healing very nicely from the surgeries you performed on me. I look and feel great! You have already made a huge impact on my life. You have made me feel so good about myself and with it came a new found self-confidence and sense of self-worth. You are a very special doctor and you enable me to push for my dreams. Dr. Motykie, they say a good doctor is worth a million bucks, so if that’s the case, you are priceless. With sincere heartfelt gratitude,
    – 37 year-old female

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