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    Lip Lift

    Lip Lift Surgery to Achieve Full, Luscious, Kissable Lips!

    Lip LiftPlump, smooth, sensual lips have remained a highly coveted facial feature because of their ability to enhance the patient’s smile and revitalize the entire face. Unfortunately, many individuals are simply born with thin lips, while others experience a natural loss of lip volume and other unwelcome aesthetic changes to the lips as a natural part of the aging process, including:

    • Elongation of the upper lip
    • Reduced visibility of the teeth
    • The appearance of a perpetually angry expression, resulting from the drooping or sagging of the upper lip

    Although there are temporary solutions to boost lip volume (i.e. dermal fillers), for patients seeking a more long-term solution, lip lift surgery may be the optimal solution.

    Lip Lift Options

    There are multiple lip lift techniques that can be employed to improve the appearance of the lip region.

    After listening to your lip enhancement goals and performing a thorough medical evaluation, if Board Certified plastic surgeon Dr. Gary Motykie determines that a surgical lip lift is the best option for your unique lip anatomy and aesthetic objectives, he will create a customized treatment plan incorporating one or more of the following lip enhancement techniques:

    • Inner Corner Lip Lift (a.k.a. DAO (depressor anguli oris) Release): this technique is generally performed to minimize the appearance of frowning, and is often the best choice for younger patients who have not begun show any signs of skin sagging, folding, or wrinkling below the corners of the mouth, but have experienced drooping of the outer lip corners.
    • Subnasal Lip Lift (a.k.a. Bullhorn Lift, Gullwing Lift): best suited for patients with elongated upper lips, the subnasal lip lift shortens the lip-to-nose ratio, thereby creating a wider smile with increased tooth show. 
    • Corner Lip Lift: this technique was designed to elevate down-turned corners of the mouth, and involves the meticulous removal of a sliver of skin at the oral commissures (corners of the mouth). 
    • Lip Border Lift: entails the excision of excess above the border of the red lip and cutaneous lip, as a means of elevating the red lip and improving red lip show.  

    Lip Lift Procedure and Recovery

    Lip lift surgery can be performed on an outpatient basis under general anesthesia, local anesthesia, and/or IV sedation, and can generally be completed in less than 60 minutes (unless performed in conjunction with ancillary procedures). When performing lip lift surgery, Dr. Motykie takes great care to make his incisions along the natural creases between the upper lip and nose, where they can easily be concealed.

    Most of our lip lift patients return to work and gradually resume their normal daily activities within 7-10 days after surgery. Side effects tend to be minimal after lip lift surgery; however, some patients may notice some post-surgical bruising and swelling of the lips, which can take 1-3 weeks to fully subside.

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    Dr. Gary Motykie is an esteemed, Board Certified plastic surgeon who has spent the past 10 years developing and applying an integrative approach to health, wellness, nutrition, and aesthetic enhancement. This holistic approach has set his practice apart from the multitude of profit-driven cosmetic surgery practices. Dr. Motykie’s treatment philosophy transcends the “skin deep” focus on aesthetics, and is centered upon improving the inner health and physical well-being of his patients while simultaneously refreshing and revitalizing their external appearance.

    If you feel that you may benefit from a lip lift surgery, or would like to learn more about any other lip enhancement procedure, please reference Dr. Motykie’s plastic surgery website ( or contact the Motykie Plastic Surgery office today. Dr. Motykie will provide his expert recommendations as to the appropriate surgical and/or non-surgical treatments necessary to fulfill your aesthetic enhancement goals.