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    Hair Loss Treatment with PRP
    Beverly Hills

    Regrow Your Own Natural Hair with Non-Surgical PRP-Based Hair Restoration!

    Think your ability to grow your own natural hair is gone forever? Think again! Our non-surgical hair restoration treatment with platelet rich plasma (PRP) may be able to reactivate unproductive hair follicles and enable you to regrow your own, natural hair!

    It may sound too good to be true, but in fact, it’s not! While hair thinning and loss due to male or female pattern baldness, hypotrichosis, alopecia areata, or alopecia totalis was once thought to be caused by the death of hair follicles on the scalp, experts now believe that these follicles are simply unproductive, dormant, or injured. With our revolutionary PRP-based hair restoration treatment at Motykie Med Spa, we may be able to reactive previously unproductive hair follicles to spark the growth of thicker, fuller, and truly real hair!

    If you would like to learn more about this amazing non-surgical treatment for hair loss, or if you would like to explore whether you may be a candidate, we encourage you to contact Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Gary Motykie at Motykie Med Spa in Beverly Hills, California to schedule your consultation today!

    How Does PRP-Based Hair Restoration Work?

    Our advanced PRP-based hair loss treatment works by harnessing powerful growth factors found in platelets, a type of blood cell, in order to “heal” previously unproductive hair follicles. Once isolated and activated, these growth factors stimulate adult stem cells within the follicles to encourage localized cell growth and generate new blood vessels at the follicle, ensuring that the follicles receive the hydration and oxygen necessary for hair growth.

    Our PRP-based hair restoration is non-surgical and minimally-invasive. It involves drawing a small amount of your own blood and processing it in a centrifuge to isolate the PRP and activate the necessary growth factors. Once the scalp is numbed with a local anesthetic, the PRP is injected into the target area. Utilizing an extremely fine-gauge needle, the injections occur in a precise matrix pattern, focusing on the area of scalp where hair loss is most severe.

    Most patients will begin to see thicker, fuller hair in as little as two months after the initial treatment, although the best results are usually visible within 4 to 8 months and may continue to improve for up to a year. Some patients may require multiple treatment to achieve optimal hair growth