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    RhinoplastyAll artists know that a beautiful nose should blend naturally with the other remaining facial features in order to achieve overall aesthetic facial harmony while a nose in disharmony with the other facial features draws attention and can detract or “steal” from someone’s overall beauty.

    An unattractive or asymmetrical nose can therefore have a profound effect on a person’s overall appearance and self-confidence. A rhinoplasty (derived from the Greek term ”rhino” meaning “nose” and “plasty” meaning “to shape or reform”) is therefore performed with the ultimate of removing  any unnatural and/or unattractive nasal features in order to achieve an aesthetically beautiful nose that blends effortlessly with the remaining facial features. Most commonly, a rhinoplasty is utilized to straighten a crooked nose, change the angle of a nose, remove a bump on the bridge of the nose, refine a bulbous tip, improve nostril shape, lift a droopy tip and/or improve nasal breathing.

    Rhinoplasty 101 with Dr. Motykie

    Dr Motykie understands that the “right” nose for every face needs to be evaluated on an individual basis so that its final shape and appearance can be customized to match each patient’s own unique facial features. Dr Motykie understands the true nature of rhinoplasty surgery and he knows what will work and what doesn’t work in even the most complex of nasal surgeries and he has quickly become renowned worldwide for being able to achieve beautiful results in even the most challenging of cases.  Dr Motykie prides himself on performing advanced rhinoplasty techniques that produce predictable and natural results while avoiding complications such as an “operated-on” appearance of the nose and he is therefore often the Doctors’ Doctor Choice for Rhinoplasty referral.  Dr Motykie sees patients from all around the world and is frequently called upon to perform corrective rhinoplasty surgery on patients that have had their original rhinoplasty surgery performed elsewhere. In fact, Dr Motykie’s rhinoplasty and corrective rhinoplasty surgeries have been filmed and viewed in over 144 countries worldwide.

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    Dr Motykie realizes that the nose is the key central feature of the face and it therefore should retain its own unique identity and ethnicity after surgery as well as remain in balance with all of the other remaining facial features.  Dr Motykie also understands that all noses and faces are not created equal and therefore all rhinoplasty surgeries should not produce the same nose. Every surgeon has his own ideal of beauty and his own “style” of work, so it is absolutely critical to review every surgeon’s before and after photos to evaluate not only their surgical skill but also their “aesthetic sense” or “eye” for beauty. This aesthetic sense is unique to each surgeon and Dr Motykie believes it is absolutely vital for a successful plastic surgeon to possess a strong aesthetic sense in order to consistently achieve beautiful results from rhinoplasty surgery. Dr Motykie also stresses the importance of reviewing both the quantity and quality of a rhinoplasty surgeon’s work prior to undergoing surgery in order to better understand their own unique style of work. Dr Motykie therefore encourages you to review his own personal rhinoplasty gallery which serves as a testament to his own strong aesthetic sense and artistic talent.

    With each and every rhinoplasty surgery, Dr Motykie combines his extensive surgical experience and advanced artistic skill in order to create beautiful results as well as make certain that your own personal goals are achieved from surgery. At Dr Motykie’s office, you will receive exceptional care throughout your entire surgical experience from a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Please take some time to explore Dr Motykie’s website, enjoy some of his work and in the future possibly even share in the joy experienced by his numerous happy rhinoplasty patients.


    Dr Motykie takes pride in customizing his approach to rhinoplasty on an individual patient basis and he has a passion for creating noses that naturally enhance each patient’s overall beauty and facial harmony. Rhinoplasty surgery should only be performed by a plastic surgeon that possesses both vast surgical experience and true artistic talent. Candidates for rhinoplasty include men and women who are looking to improve the appearance of their nose as well as desire to look younger, more attractive and/or achieve more balance of their facial features. Your age may also be a consideration since most surgeons prefer not to operate on teenagers until after they’ve completed their growth spurt around 16-17 years of age for girls and possibly a bit later for boys. Dr Motykie believes that every patient’s nose needs to be evaluated on an individual basis so that a personalized plan can be developed in order to achieve aesthetic balance and facial harmony. A patient should be wary of a surgeon that plans to give the same nose to every patient regardless of race, age and the other surrounding facial features. You must make absolute certain that your surgeon is listening to your concerns and desires so that you can get the specific nose you ultimately want from surgery. Dr Motykie takes pride in customizing his approach to rhinoplasty on an individual patient basis and he has a passion for creating noses that truly enhance each patients overall aesthetic beauty.

    On the day of your consultation, you may bring in photos of Dr Motykie’s work that you particularly like or you may bring in photos of other noses that you find attractive. Dr Motykie recognizes that trusting anyone with your nose surgery is a big step so he will often spend a lot of time going through different photographs of noses so that you can review the vast amount of possible results that are attainable from surgery. All of these examples of other noses obviously cannot be the exact nose you can achieve from surgery but it can help Dr Motykie to visualize what type of surgical result you like and what features of noses you personally find attractive.  Dr Motykie will then customize your rhinoplasty procedure to best achieve your own personal ideal nose.

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    After you complete your consultation paperwork, you will be escorted to a consultation room where you will be greeted by Dr Motykie’s surgical consultant. During this time you will have an opportunity to address you general concerns and desires from surgery. This information will be given directly to Dr Motykie who will then be able to efficiently address your concerns and answer all of your questions. During your consultation process, be sure to tell Dr Motykie if you’ve had any previous nose surgery or an injury to your nose, even if it was many years ago. You should also inform Dr Motykie if you have any allergies or breathing difficulties; if you’re taking any medications, vitamins, or recreational drugs; and if you smoke. All of these factors can greatly impact your possible results from rhinoplasty surgery and in order to ensure a safe and predictable outcome it is essential to share any of this information with Dr Motykie and/or his medical staff.

    During your patient consultation, Dr Motykie will listen closely and compassionately to you as you voice your concerns, not only with respect to what you want changed, but also what you wish to remain the same. Unlike many other surgeons, Dr Motykie does not take a ‘cookie cutter’ approach to rhinoplasty surgery. Remember, exploration of your own personal aesthetic goals is essential in planning your individualized surgery. With ever rhinoplasty surgery, Dr Motykie strives to achieve a beautiful and natural-looking nose that blends effortlessly with the rest of your surrounding facial features. Dr Motykie will make sure to listen to you, answer your questions and personally assess your nose, your breathing and your desired outcomes from surgery.

    Because a rhinoplasty procedure is very dependent on the artistic eye of the surgeon, Dr Motykie offers computer imaging to all of his patients so that they can see what their nose might look like after surgery even before undergoing any surgical procedure. Computer Imaging allows both you and Dr Motykie to communicate about your possible result from surgery and make adjustments to your surgical plan prior to actually having surgery. Utilizing a computer imaging system, Dr Motykie can clearly define the present problems you have with your nose as well as show you a realistic view of what can be accomplished surgically to create your new nose.  For a talented plastic surgeon, this mental transformation is intuitive and based on natural ability while the skill of a truly artistic surgeon is to then transform this computer generated image into reality. If you desire to have a Virtual Consultation, Dr Motykie will take several photographs of your nose during your consultation in order to generate computerized versions of your possible results from surgery. If you live somewhere else in the world, like many of Dr Motykie’s patients, and you are unable to see Dr Motykie in person, he can also perform a online consultation of your rhinoplasty on photographs sent via email.

    During your consultation, Dr Motykie will carefully listen to all of your concerns and desires from rhinoplasty surgery and he will give you a clearer understanding of how the surgery may best be able to meet your own needs and expectations.  Dr Motykie will also give you an opportunity to ask him any question you may have about rhinoplasty surgery as well as its possible benefits in your particular case. When going into your consultation, it is wise to come with questions written down and have a general understanding of the overall procedure so you can be prepared to learn as much as possible during your visit with Dr Motykie. Sometime during your consultation Dr Motykie may have you look through a book that contains numerous photographs of different results from rhinoplasty surgery in order to help you determine what type of look you personally find attractive as well as which rhinoplasty technique may best help you to achieve your desired outcome from surgery. You are also encouraged to bring in photographs you may have obtained on your own from magazines or various internet websites which show the desired “look” you would like to achieve from surgery.

    As a well experienced rhinoplasty surgeon, Dr Motykie knows that it is critical to recognize that nasal aesthetics and form cannot supersede function. In other words, he strives to not only approve the aesthetics of your nose, but also the function of your nose so that you can also have improved breathing.  If you have any concerns about your breathing, Dr Motykie will ask you questions about your breathing during your consultation and will perform a speculum examination of your breathing passageways. If any structural obstructions are found in your nasal passages, Dr Motykie will most likely suggest that you correct the problems during your rhinoplasty surgery in order to improve your breathing after surgery. These procedures can include treatment of a deviated septum, supporting collapsed nasal valves and/or reducing enlarged inferior turbinates (partial inferior turbinectomy). Properly performed breathing surgery can greatly improve breathing and thereby make it easier for some patients to sleep, run, swim and/or engage in other athletic activities. If significant breathing problems are present prior to surgery, some insurance policies may even help to cover some of the expenses associated with a your rhinoplasty procedure

    You should leave your consultation with a preliminary game plan for your surgery.  Cost is always a consideration in elective surgery. At the conclusion of your consultation you will have the opportunity to meet with Dr Motykie’s surgical consultant who will be able to explain to you the possible cost and timing of your rhinoplasty procedure. Cost may include surgeon’s fee, surgical facility costs, anesthesia fees, prescription medications and medical screening tests. Dr Motykie’s consultant will also be able to explain to you all of your possible financing options. Remember, a surgeon’s price for surgery will vary based on their experience, the type of procedure being performed as well as the geographic location of their office. Please do not bargain shop for your plastic surgery but also make sure that you are not overpaying for your procedure by doing your homework, online research and obtaining several opinions from different board certified plastic surgeons before making your final decision about having your own rhinoplasty procedure.

    For your own personal and confidential consultation, contact Dr. Motykie’s office today. Dr Motykie will answer all of your questions and together you can determine which procedure best fits your desires and needs. Remember, it is impossible for a surgeon to tell you the best approach for you without first listening to your desires and concerns and then performing a physical examination of your nose and breathing passageways.

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