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    Facial Reshaping

    Facial Reshaping

    A feminine and a delicate looking facial shape is prized among women. However, genetics cause many women to be born with square or elongated jawlines and slightly protruding mouth or cheeks. These can compromise the desired facial aesthetics.

    Facial bone contouring surgery, as a result, has evolved for offering patients the opportunity to acquire the features they desire. Facial reshaping offers patients an opportunity to achieve balanced and proportionate jawline and face through a wide range of surgical procedures.

    Concerns Addressed By Facial Reshaping

    The following issues can be permanently addressed with facial reshaping plastic surgery:

    • Weak chin
    • Square chin
    • Protruding mouth
    • Protruding jaw or chin
    • Asymmetrical mouth
    • Flaring or protruding cheeks
    Facial Reshaping

    Facial Contouring Benefits

    Men and women that undergo facial reshaping surgical procedure achieve the following benefits:

    • Increased self-esteem
    • Enhanced confidence
    • Balanced face
    • Symmetrical facial appearance
    • Reduced cheek protrusion
    • Feminine jawline
    • Reduced mouth or jaw protrusion
    • Feminized facial appearance
    • Well-defined jawline
    • Shorter downtime as compared to other facial aesthetic procedures

    Good Candidates

    You can benefit from a facial contouring cosmetic surgery if you are troubled by the following issues:

    • Your cheeks protrude excessively
    • You have a square, elongated or overly pronounced chin
    • Your mouth or chin protrudes
    • You would like to reduce the protrusion angle of your chin or mouth
    • You have asymmetrical jawline
    • You have a weak chin and would benefit from augmentation
    • You want to reduce the lower face width
    • You want to reduce mid-face width

    Zygoma reduction or reduction malarplasty involves reducing, reshaping, or repositioning the zygomatic arch or the cheek area. The surgery takes 1.5 – 2 hours. The surgeon will create coronal (top of the head), intraoral (mouth), or preauricular (in front of the ear) incisions.

    Mandible can be reshaped and reduced using several variations of the facial reshaping surgery. Your surgeon can address a square or heavy jawline through this surgery. Mandible is generally accessed through intraoral incisions. The type of resection technique employed will depend on the surgical approach taken. The surgery targets the anatomical aspect of the jaw.

    The chin profile can be surgically altered in genioplasty by reduction or augmentation. The chin height will be reduced or rounded through osteotomy if you have a square chin or a strong jaw. The surgeon will use implants to supplement the existing shape if you have a weak chin. Genioplasty is performed for ensuring the face is proportionate to other features.

    Double jaw surgery or V-line surgery refers to a procedure that combines genioplasty and jaw reduction surgery. The procedure involves three steps: reduction of the size of the masseter muscles and mandible bone, reduction of the angle or protrusion of the jaw, and chin recontouring. These three steps help in creating a V-line jaw.

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