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    Breast Lift (Mastopexy) w/ Areolar Lift

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    Breast Lift (Mastopexy) w/ Areolar LiftWomen with sagging breasts are often reluctant to undergo a breast lift procedure due to worry about possible scarring of their breasts. Breast lift surgery has traditionally been done with a vertical or anchor incision (a scar around the areola, down the middle of the breast and along the breast crease). In recent years, however, techniques have evolved that allow the elimination of the breasts scars except the one that encircles the areola/nipple (circum-areolar breast lift).  In order for this technique to be successful, there must only be a minor degree of breast droopiness and the nipples must not be pointing downwards. If the nipples are pointing downward prior to surgery, a full mastopexy is advisable in order to gain an adequate amount of lift and reshaping of the breast after the surgery.

    The circum-areola technique (also known as the Benelli procedure) utilizes an incision around the areola without the need for a vertical scar on the breast mound. This technique combined with a primary breast augmentation is intended to accomplish two goals: increase breast volume and lift the areolas.  The Benelli technique works well in combination with a breast augmentation to reshape breasts that have a minimal to moderate amount of ptosis (droopiness). The Benelli lift does not work as well when it is not combined with a breast augmentation procedure because it can “flatten” the breast mound without the underlying support of a breast implant. However, when a Benelli mastopexy is combined with a breast augmentation, beautifully shaped breasts can result when performed by an experienced plastic surgeon.  Dr. Motykie has vast experience in combining these procedures and he has engineered a technique that provides consistent results while significantly reducing the scar around the areola. The fundamental step for achieving success with this approach is placement of a permanent purse-string suture around the areola prior to closure in order to prevent the areola from expanding/spreading during the recovery process. Combined augmentation/Benelli mastopexy can be useful for areolar reduction, tubular breast correction, asymmetry improvement, double bubble correction and overall revision breast surgery.


    During your consultation, Dr Motykie will address your desires from breast surgery with a circum-areolar lift and he will give you a clearer understanding of how the surgery may best be able to meet your own needs and expectations.  Dr Motykie will also give you an opportunity to ask him any question you may have about breast surgery as well as its possible benefits in your particular case. When going into your consultation, it is wise to come with questions written down and have a general understanding of the overall procedure so you can be prepared to learn as much as possible during your visit with Dr Motykie. Sometime during your consultation Dr Motykie may have you look through a “breast book” that contains numerous photographs of different types, shapes and sizes of breasts in order to help you determine what type of breast you personally find attractive as well as which type of implant and revision augmentation technique may best help you to achieve your desired outcome from surgery. You are also encouraged to bring in photographs you may have obtained on your own from magazines or various internet websites which show the desired “look” you would like to achieve from surgery. Dr Motykie has found that looking through these types of photographs as well as reviewing his personal breast augmentation portfolio is much more helpful in determining the true breast size and shape you desire from surgery rather than techniques that employ stuffing bras with various filler materials, trying on misleading sizing implants or undergoing visual imaging techniques.

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    There are a great deal of variables to consider when undergoing a breast surgery so it is important to make sure that your desires from surgery our expressed to your surgeon as well as making certain that your surgeon is listening to you and understands exactly the look, shape and size breasts you want to achieve from surgery. If this is not done effectively, your desired results from surgery and your surgeons desired results from surgery may not match and you may end up with the breasts the surgeon wanted to create and not the breasts you had envisioned from surgery.  This is why Dr Motykie spends a great deal of time talking to you about your specific goals from surgery as well as having your look through photographs of different breast surgery results. By the conclusion of your consultation, the possible options available to you for your breast surgery should be discussed and will typically include: the types, shapes and sizes of currently available breasts implants, implant pocket placement and your breast reshaping or lifting procedure.

    Dr. Motykie is a world renowned expert in breast implant surgery. His experience with breast implant procedures has made him a sought after expert to perform primary breast implant procedures, as well as revisional surgery for patients that have had less than an optimal outcome. Dr Motykie finds that the key to success in breast surgery is to individualize the surgical plan to match each patient’s needs and goals. Dr. Motykie relies on years of experience performing breast surgeries to help plan his specialized techniques

    Cost is always a consideration in elective surgery. At the conclusion of your consultation you will have the opportunity to meet with Dr Motykie’s surgical consultant who will be able to explain to you the possible cost and timing of your breast revision procedure. Cost may include surgeon’s fee, surgical facility costs, anesthesia fees, prescription medications, post-surgery garments, and medical screening tests. Dr Motykie’s consultant will also be able to explain to you all of your possible financing options. Remember, a surgeon’s price for breast surgery will vary based on their experience, the type of procedure being performed as well as the geographic location of their office. Please do not bargain shop for your plastic surgery but also make sure that you are not overpaying for your procedure by doing your homework, online research and obtaining several opinions from different board certified plastic surgeons before making your final decision about having your own breast surgery.

    For your own personal and confidential consultation, contact Dr. Motykie’s office today. Dr Motykie will answer all of your questions and together you can determine which breast procedure best fits your desires and needs. Remember, it is impossible for a surgeon to tell you the best approach for you without first listening to your desires and concerns and then performing a physical examination of your breasts and surrounding tissue. Out of town patients may send photographs in order to have a online consultation performed by Dr Motykie.

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