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    Breast Augmentation Revision w/ Replacement of Implants

    Breast Augmentation Revision Beverly Hills | Los Angeles

    Breast Augmentation Revision w/ Replacement of ImplantsA revision breast augmentation is a surgical procedure used to correct irregularities and/or undesirable end results from a prior breast augmentation surgery. Although it is always better to have your breast augmentation surgery performed the right way the first time, Dr Motykie has been very successful in correcting problems that have arisen from prior breast augmentation surgery. Revision breast augmentation surgery, like many other cosmetic surgery procedures, is extremely dependent on the skills, judgment and experience of the operating surgeon.  It is well known that revision breast augmentation procedures are even more challenging than an initial breast augmentation surgery because it requires more aesthetic finesse and skill to perfect problems that have occurred due to a prior surgery. Typically, revision breast augmentation surgery is performed no fewer than six months after a prior breast augmentation surgery in order to allow enough time for the breasts to completely heal and take on their true final shape after surgery. There are many reasons why women may be unhappy with the outcomes of their prior breast surgery. Some are due to the implants, such as malposition, capsular contracture, or deflation and other reasons are due to natural changes with the breasts, such as aging, weight changes, or pregnancies.

    Dr Motykie has performed revision breast surgeries on patients from all around the globe and he has been able to help many patients achieve the breasts they had originally envisioned from breast augmentation surgery. Patients seeking revision breast augmentation surgery may feel that their breasts are “too fake”, “too real”, “too soft”, ”too hard”, “too low”, “too far apart” or “too droopy” after breast augmentation surgery performed elsewhere. In almost all cases there is something that can be done during revision breast surgery that can create a more desirable appearance of the breasts.  Some of the most common revision breast augmentation surgical procedures include breast implant exchange (i.e. changing implant size, shape and/or type) changing implant pocket location (i.e. above and/or underneath the chest muscle) improving breast symmetry/shape, replacing a ruptured and/or old implant, adding lift to the breasts and/or performing release of scar tissue formation (capsular contracture).

    Each of the possible revision breast augmentation surgical procedures will be discussed in further detail below as well as identifying and describing the most common problems that lead to patients desiring to have a particular revision surgical procedure.

    The most common reasons a patient may desire revision breast augmentation surgery are:

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